Dreamers following dreamers

The fugitives have a dream of making a journey this summer to follow the Meridian Highway.  There are days that this seems like such a huge dream, that it is hard to image how we can even pull it off.

However, in a way, we are dreamers following dreamers.

A little over one hundred years ago, in 1911, a group of “Good Road” boosters had a grandiose dream of a north-south automobile route through the central United States (and eventually from Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada to Mexico City in Mexico). I can’t imagine the obstacles they had to overcome.

The Meridian Highway was a charter member of the American Highway Association which was a federation of the trunk line highways in the United States.  They worked to form a federal system of highways to be hard surfaced and maintained by the government directly.

We have much to owe these pioneers for the ability to travel the way we do today and unfortunately, I think we take it for granted!

The Meridian Road Association saw their dreams through and the Fugitives intend to follow their example!


What is this “Fugitives” thing anyway?


Fugitives Badge copy3Four creatives; a photographer, a musician, a filmmaker and a writer are setting out this summer on what was known as the Meridian Highway.

We’ll be travelling from the Canadian border in North Dakota to the Mexican border in Texas to rediscover the history and the people along what has been called North America’s first international highway.

After the trip, we will share what we’ve found with others in the form of a music CD, a documentary film and a words and pictures book.

Click to learn more about the “forgotten highway project” and click to read about the “four fugitives”.  Contact us a message if you have questions or would like to help support the project

Chasing parhelion along the Meridian and thinking about THE summer adventure

The planning is constantly going on behind the scenes and excitement is ramping up.  The summer really isn’t all that far away when you are planning a big project like the Fugitives on the Forgotten Highway.

Parhelia over the MeridianThe other day it was brutally cold and as the sun was setting there were very intense sun dogs (parhelion) on either side.  Decided perhaps a “pre-journey” photograph of the Meridian Highway just south of Watertown, South Dakota was in order.

Even though it is ridiculously cold, the road is beckoning…


The forgotten highway project

Fugitives Badge copy3In June of 1911, an organization called the Meridian Road Association was formed in Salina, Kansas for the purpose of establishing a highway from Winnipeg, Manitoba to the Gulf of Mexico and bringing about its construction and maintenance.    The Meridian Road Association was similar to other organizations of the time that were a part of the “Good Roads Movement” that resulted in other marked auto trails such as the Lincoln Highway, the Dixie Highway and the Yellowstone Trail.   In 1919, the association was renamed the Meridian Highway Association and promoted what has been called North America’s first international automotive highway.

A little over a century later, a team of creatives are out to rediscover the history and the people along the Meridian Highway from the Canadian border to the Mexican border.  With a nickname of the “Fugitives”, the team is setting out to document their journey along this forgotten highway in words, music, images and video.  In the process, reintroduce people to the dream and the giant project that was the building of the Meridian Highway.