Joshua Kloyda, coming out of small town Minnesota, is young in years but his music has a lifetime of livin’ in it, hard-knocks, hard-times, love and passion, despair, longing, beauty and tears. Feels like lifetimes. Joshua’s blues and folk are raw, from his heart, inviting you on a journey down the many roads he’s traveled.

Joshua BioJoshua was 13 when his folks bought him his first guitar; the stories have been flowing from his soul every since. Coffee shops, old clubs and bars, dirt roads, river banks, and the miles of steel rails he’s walked all define his music, bring his lyrics to life. He’s got a lot of stories to tell, touching each of us in different ways, under the skin where life is really happening.

Joshua’s music is life, the deep darkness and the bright lights of our inner and outer landscapes, searching for what’s real, restlessness, contentment, love found and love lost, touching peoples hearts, meeting them where they’re at, connection. Traveling, unraveling, the journey we call life. One man, one guitar, great music.
In peace

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