Patrick “PJ” Anderson has been a lifelong artist dabbling in a variety of media, starting many years ago with a study in crayon of the Apollo moon missions.  He learned his first lesson in relating to his audience shortly thereafter with a controversial mural entitled “dinosaur tracks” painted on the walls of his childhood home.

Patrick BioHigh school brought introductions to new media such as ceramics, sculpture and one of his favorites, watercolor.  More artistic challenges came his senior year when he was informed that he had completed all offered art classes.  Scheming with a sympathetic counselor and art teacher, an additional section was added to the curriculum allowing another year of “practice.”  It was the senior year that introduced Patrick to photography and the dark room.  It was an interesting media that suited his leanings toward realism.

College brought Patrick into the classic unmovable object vs. irresistible force scenario.  Enter Professor Betty who was ancient in the 1970’s and sort of stopped growing there artistically with the “modern and pop art movements.”  This was 180 degrees from where Patrick wanted to go.  Many debates pursued, but with grades hanging on the line, Patrick felt like he had to hang up the brushes.  Fortunately, an independent study his senior year in astrophotography, brought a touch of photography back into his mind.

Life ensued.  Marriage, children and career.  Art/Photography lay dormant.  Now, fast forward to Patrick’s mid 30’s.  Marriage on track, kids getting older, career providing funding and options to resume photography.  A year or so of working with film transitioned into the new technology of digital photography and an early professional digital camera sucked Patrick right back into his art.

Several cameras later, Patrick founded PJ Anderson Photography, a commercial photography business based in Watertown, SD.  While he shoots everything from product, models, weddings and some portraits, his first love of nature and landscape photography still turns him on the most.  Hitting the road and seeking out the places off the beaten path is his favorite way of making images.

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