I, Jennifer Elizabeth, arrived into this world kicking and screaming on the 9th day of June in a year that I prefer not to disclose…. After all, age is just a number, right? I have committed to staying forever young at heart, because it is just so much more appealing. Amazing souls do not age, right? I also prefer to think I arrived smiling and all innocent like….. All while looking up at my adoring family and thinking, “world, you ain’t seen nothing yet! ”

That has pretty much been my motto throughout life. I like to grab life by the horns, but I do slow down just enough to really appreciate the amazing gifts the world surrounds us with. What others sometimes fail to see, I tend to focus on to fuel my passions. Those beautiful, amazing things that are quietly woven into the fabric of life. Those things that, even amongst the daily stresses, rejuvenate our souls and fulfill us. I strive to paint my canvas with all of those wonderful colors that life gives ever so graciously.

I often wonder why there are so many people in this world that live their lives as safely as they can, never opting to stand up and say ” I am going to do this, and man, is it going to be amazing”! Far too many people just blend in to the waves of others who opt for the same.

Life is not guaranteed, even as safely as you may live it. And by safe, I mean, doing everything by “the book”. Seriously, does even such a “book” exist?

Yet, we watch movies and read books that thrill us and leave us wanting more. Who says we cannot live a life that thrills us like that? If you look at most people in history that have left an impression on this world, they have been what society considers rebels and outsiders… But we admire them. We secretly wish we could do something to impact the world, or at the very least, impact our own lives.

I’ve always been led by my heart. That is just me. Those who know me, understand this. I wear my heart on my sleeve. There are times when your head and heart can be torn, and I like to think that my heart will show me what is right every time, even if it means it’s going to hurt for a bit. It is that heart that led me into what I consider my calling, and for the past 14 years I’ve devoted my life to professionally saving animals. Even as a small child, I connected with animals on a higher level so this was just a natural evolvement. My non-profit, Gemini Rescue, has saved a few thousand animals over those 14 years. This makes my heart very happy.

The downfall of pursuing one passion, is that sometimes other passions fall to the wayside. I’ve been longing to get back to writing. Poetry and short stories used to be a release for me. Happiness and sadness, emotions of all kind poured into my writing. I’ve felt a pull from the universe to put pen to paper again, to rediscover that part of me that I somehow lost along the way. It’s still there, waiting to do great things. Waiting to tell great stories. I believe that the Meridian Highway will help me find that girl again. And in turn, I will tell the stories that lived along the Lost Highway.

So, in short, this is me. I refuse to blend in. I will be sparkly. I will do what makes my heart full. I will walk through life with a soundtrack in my head. I will light up a room when I walk in. I want to tell beautiful stories. I want to be the hero of my own story.

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