Alive and kicking

The fugitives project  has definitely run into its shares of obstacles.  Kind of resembles summer road construction season!  A few spots of slow traffic, some detours, even a road or two closed on occasion.

But, I’m certainly feeling a renewed sense of energy around the project which excites me a great deal.

Part of our struggle is that it can be a challenge to get four (or more) creatives booked for the same chunk of time – and a significant chunk of time at that.  As a matter of fact, our musician is currently out on a different road doing a west coast tour.  A solution we’re thinking about is to split the project into two or three segments.  Making the time commitment a little less painful for our artists.

In the long run, this should actually give us more time on the Meridian and additional perspectives by bringing in more creatives.  Both are really great outcomes.

We’re still posting small snippets and observations on our Twitter feed and on Facebook  Hope you’ll follow us there!

Always looking for creatives along the way, please contact us at

– PJ


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