Planning stops for the Meridian Project

Here are Fugitives, Joshua and Patrick, kicking back at the Goss Opera House with tea and coffee. They were digging in to details on the old maps (1925 and 1927) and trying to figure out “end of the day stops” for the Meridian Project.

The idea is to travel most of one day in one of our states on the way (Texas gets more, lots of highway there!) and then find a stopping point in the evening where Joshua will play a show.  We’ll be trying to meet people and learn stories during that time as well.

Patrick and JoshuaRight now for the first half of the trip, stopping points appear to be Grand Forks, ND; Yankton, SD; Salina, KS; El Reno, OK; Hillsboro, TX and Laredo, TX.  First stop on the return will be Austin, TX and perhaps following a second branch of the Meridan to Galveston, TX.  We’ll keep working the logistics and hopefully solidify these stops soon.

If you happen to know of a venue for live music in one of these cities (or close by) let us know.  We’d also love to hear if you happen to know some interesting facts about these stops.

More updates soon.


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