Dreamers following dreamers

The fugitives have a dream of making a journey this summer to follow the Meridian Highway.  There are days that this seems like such a huge dream, that it is hard to image how we can even pull it off.

However, in a way, we are dreamers following dreamers.

A little over one hundred years ago, in 1911, a group of “Good Road” boosters had a grandiose dream of a north-south automobile route through the central United States (and eventually from Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada to Mexico City in Mexico). I can’t imagine the obstacles they had to overcome.

The Meridian Highway was a charter member of the American Highway Association which was a federation of the trunk line highways in the United States.  They worked to form a federal system of highways to be hard surfaced and maintained by the government directly.

We have much to owe these pioneers for the ability to travel the way we do today and unfortunately, I think we take it for granted!

The Meridian Road Association saw their dreams through and the Fugitives intend to follow their example!


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