Bigger than “just” the fugitives!

While the fugitives are very involved and excited to make the trip down the Meridian Highway, it takes a WHOLE bunch of people to make this a reality.  We’d love to hear from you.

Meridian Highway Marker

Meridian Highway Post Sign

Here’s a great example from one friend of the fugitives, David Ewing.  He had been looking for something completely unrelated, but happened to find a gem for us.  A 1918 AAA map of transcontinental routes, showing various cross country auto trails including the Meridian Road (not yet referred to as a highway.)

Each map we look at shows something a little different or unique, so we love to look at them. For example, close to home something that I’ve wondered about is this: Did the Meridian Highway once go through White Rock, SD before turning north into North Dakota.  White Rock is now a ghost town, but you can still see the old ordered grid of the streets and avenues.

This map seems to show White Rock is on the road, whereas other maps show Rosholt, SD as the point it turned north.  Lots of mysteries to look at on this trip!

Thank you, David for sharing the link.

— Patrick