The forgotten highway project

Fugitives Badge copy3In June of 1911, an organization called the Meridian Road Association was formed in Salina, Kansas for the purpose of establishing a highway from Winnipeg, Manitoba to the Gulf of Mexico and bringing about its construction and maintenance.    The Meridian Road Association was similar to other organizations of the time that were a part of the “Good Roads Movement” that resulted in other marked auto trails such as the Lincoln Highway, the Dixie Highway and the Yellowstone Trail.   In 1919, the association was renamed the Meridian Highway Association and promoted what has been called North America’s first international automotive highway.

A little over a century later, a team of creatives are out to rediscover the history and the people along the Meridian Highway from the Canadian border to the Mexican border.  With a nickname of the “Fugitives”, the team is setting out to document their journey along this forgotten highway in words, music, images and video.  In the process, reintroduce people to the dream and the giant project that was the building of the Meridian Highway.